BLOOMING FESTIVAL welcomes an external new media art project for one of its locations through the open call #bloomingyou. The selected project should match the concept of "blooming", meant as evolution or change.

We are looking for projects/works/processes at the intersection of nature and technology, which are inspired by, reproduce or rework suggestions, phenomena or natural elements of all kinds through technologies.

Preference will be given to proposals that involve reflection on environmental and social sustainability, inclusion and accessibility issues, and/or that are realised with sustainable/inclusive techniques and technologies.

Projects can include installations, A/V performances, soundscapes, video, mapping, etc… either conceived for real life or for the Metaverse, virtual environments, URLs.

Projects will be reviewed by FEDERICA PATTI (Digital arts curator and lecturer at NABA Roma), FILIPPO LORENZIN (digital contemporary art curator and teacher at Paris College of Arts), and the festival art direction (QUIET ENSEMBLE).

How to apply:
Please submit to the following materials:
— description of the project
— detailed technical rider
— pictures, sketches and/or video
— bio & portfolio / CV of the artist / collective

The required documents should be submitted as attachments to the e-mail, or via Wetransfer, or link to a shared folder (eg. google drive, dropbox, onedrive); please do not send bios and descriptions in the e-mail body. Submissions should not exceed 10 mega and videos should be preferably submitted via link.

We kindly ask to fulfil these requirements in order to allow an optimum management of the applications.

Deadline for submission: 25th July 2023

The application is free of charge.

— refund of travel expenses
— accommodation (room and board)
— technical support
— publication of the selected project on our main channels of communication

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